Beginners Guide to winning on fantasy sports leagues

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Fantasy sports leagues are highly unpredictable.

There are many factors to take into consideration when drafting which affect the ability to choose a winning line-up.

While there are no tips that guarantee success there are some strategies that beginners and even distinguished fantasy sports participants should take into consideration when playing.

By tweaking the drafting, transfer and betting process players can maximize their fantasy sports experience.

 How to play fantasy sports leagues

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The concept of a fantasy sport leagues is simple – draft a team within the confines of a salary or unit cap, use this to build a team of players, monitor each players progress from week to week and accumulate points from real life games.

Sports fans get to act and experience the thrill of being the manager, coach and strategist for their favourite sports teams.

Choose the best site for you

One thing to remember when starting your chosen fantasy sports league is that a lot of people are going to enter each league and  very few are going to win so therefore it is important to pick a site that suits your needs and tastes.

For example, if you would prefer a daily league over a seasonal league or if you would perfer a normal league or a doubles up's league also known as '50/50's'. 

Competing in double-ups means that while the drafting selection and general idea remain the same, the payment process is different. If you win in double up's half the field gets paid i.e. half the people with the best scores. Furthermore, everyone gets paid the same amount.

There is a lot less risk in these types of games which could mean less excitement for some players so choose according to your tastes.

Scouting players and building your dream team

american football Any player can have a bad week. It is important to remember when drafting your team to base your selection on a players performance over a longer period of time.

Research how each player your are thinking about drafting has performed so far in the current season and how they preformed last season.

To have the best chance of winning it is better to have players with a consistent track record.

It is necessary to research each player you are thinking of drafting as if you pick an injured player in your line-up you will lose important points very easily.

Knowing who is injured can provide you with a great deal of information like how the injured players team will perform without a player.

Improving your sports team

Just like with real sports leagues you can improve your team by transferring players.

Depending on what type of league you are participating in it might be possible to make a transfer every week.

Regardless of when you make your transfer, it is always more beneficial if you make your weekly/monthly/seasonal transfers as late as possible as you never know when someone could pick up an injury.

Furthermore, do not make changes for the sake of changes it is better to wait and transfer when you have your sights on a good player. .

Betting on fantasy sports leagues

NFL fantasy sports

It is crucial that you know the scoring system for the fantasy site you are playing on in order to use your fantasy football knowledge to win money or at least reimburse your pay-in fee.

Many fantasy sports experts recommend taking big risks when drafting players in order to try to maximize your winnings.

Strategic manoeuvres make  it is possible to increase your chance of earning some winnings..

Fantasy football strategies tips

There are no specific tips to guarantee a successful fantasy team as a lot of the time the result is also influenced by luck.

However, there are small strategic tips that beginners should be familiar with and that will make the overall experience more entertaining and profitable.

  1. If you are participating in a league for the main reason of making money choose a 50/50 league as they are more profitable, even though you stand to win less money in each contest.
  2. Do not concentrate too much on the coach's comments – sometimes it is just better and more enjoyable to do your own research  and draft your team based on that.
  3. It is critical to know which players are injured as by drafting a player who is on the bench all season can severely harm your chances
  4. Read the rules thoroughly even if you are familiar with fantasy sports each league has different rules that must be abided.
  5. Focus on players who can be counted on to accumulate points, they do not have to be the star player on their team just a good consistent performance.
  6. Remember if you are drafting players who are expected to accumulate lots of points, expect other participants to draft them too.
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