Delaware Online Sports Betting

Things are rapidly changing with respect to Delaware sports betting. We’re already seeing some famed DE casinos like Delaware Park and Dover Downs open up both DE online casinos and sportsbooks at their brick-and-mortar locations. Now, it’s only a matter of time before Delaware online sports betting is here!

Sports Betting in Delaware

The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 (PASPA) was set in place to keep sports gambling from spreading across all 50 states. Delaware was one state that was still permitted to offer sports betting, and that experience has carried over into today. However, as the PASPA decision was overturned in 2018, we’re now seeing operators all over Delaware getting their hands into the world of sports betting in Delaware.

In a short while, we’ll see Delaware sports betting go online, as there are online casinos, online poker tables, and online harness racing bets all being offered in Delaware right now. The tide of the industry seems to move towards more and more states offering online sports betting because it can be such a good moneymaker for the local state’s lottery (and the Delaware lottery is no different, as the state’s general fund depends on winnings).

We’re going to give you an overview of who is offering online casinos and other types of online bets in Delaware, as those casinos and racetracks are going to have the experience necessary to open up an online sportsbook.

Sports Betting in Delaware

Best Online Sportsbooks in Delaware

If you’re looking to get Delaware sports betting live on your phone, there’s still a bit of time before that happens. However, the following operators are already dipping their toes into the world of real-money–online casinos, and we expect that they’re going to soon jump into online betting apps in Delaware. Keep in mind that any considerations we make should be taken with a grain of salt because things in the world of Delaware online sports betting are constantly changing. This is the most up-to-date information regarding the best online sportsbooks in Delaware that we have:

Delaware Park Racetrack

Delaware Park is currently offering a super-competitive set of bonuses and promotions for its online casino and online poker tables, and we expect to see the same benefits extended to Delaware Park’s online sports betting app. The Delaware Park Rewards program does offer points to its online players, which can be used for in-person benefits, cashback bonuses, and more. Delaware Park is the only location offering Delaware online sports betting with a rewards program that pays into your online gaming account, so that’s a huge plus, making it among the best online betting apps in Delaware!

Dover Downs Gaming

For folks looking to bet on live harness racing and professional sports, Dover Downs is great. Plus, play fan-favorite table games and poker. Also, Dover Downs partners with the Dover International Speedway, hosting the fastest sport on wheels – NASCAR! We expect that Dover Downs will soon take their experience offering online casino and poker games into the sports betting market, so keep an eye out for that.

Dover Downs Gaming offers competitive promotions and a solid calendar of sweepstakes and bonuses. We’re not seeing any evidence that the Capital Club Rewards program pays into your online betting account, but as soon as that gets implemented, check back with us for updates.

Harrington Raceway, Inc.

Harrington Raceway has an advantage over the others offering Delaware sports betting online, simply because they’re already offering online betting apps in Delaware for harness racing. It’s only a matter of time before they take their brick-and-mortar sports betting location online, so look forward to bets on everything from professional football to soccer. At the moment, the in-person location doesn’t yet offer MMA, and that’s the only thing we can hope for when Harrington opens its Delaware online sports betting site soon.

Harrington already offers an online casino with promotions and bonuses that compete with the best of them, including deposit bonuses up to $500 and daily bonuses to boot. You can be sure that when online betting apps in Delaware go 100% live, Harrington Gaming will give its players plenty of reasons to choose their service.

Which leagues can I bet on in Delaware?

At the time of writing this article, you can bet on harness racing, horse racing, and most professional and collegiate sports (including MMA) at brick-and-mortar locations throughout Delaware. However, the only legal online sports betting occurring in Delaware is at, offering bets on harness races all over the world.

There is a strong trend towards physical sports booking locations offering websites and apps where one can place sports bets from the comfort of their own home, so it’s only a matter of time before Delaware sports betting goes online as well.

Delaware Park Racetrack

Best Online Betting Apps in Delaware

There are a bunch of apps being offered by Delaware real-money gambling locations, but for the moment, none of them are offering sports betting. We expect that these fantastic brick-and-mortar locations already offering in-person sports betting will soon make their forays into the online sports betting market, mainly because it would be leaving money on the table not to do so. Harrington Bets offers harness racing betting. However, there's still no online bets for your favorite sports.

We’ll give you the information you need on who is doing online real-money gaming in Delaware and who will likely make an online version of their dedicated sportsbooks.

Visiting Dover Downs

Dover Downs is yet another good location for Delaware betters looking for sports betting, casino games, poker, and more. They’ve got their hands in the online casino market, and do have in-person sports bookies at their famed casino location. However, once Dover Downs finally does offer an online sportsbook, they’ll be among the most competitive ones. Dover Downs is one of only two sportsbooks we’ve seen offering MMA betting, so those who are hungry for a little action know where to go!

Look for promotions like 100% deposit match up to $500 for poker players, sweepstakes, and more with Dover Downs! When Dover Downs does take their sportsbook online, we’ll expect to see comparable welcome offers and maybe a few extras to sweeten the pot!

Harrington Raceway

Harrington Raceway isn’t just about harness racing! At Harrington Raceway’s physical sportsbook, you can place bets on your favorite professional sports as well as collegiate teams. MMA betting isn’t supported yet, but that’s probably going to be implemented as soon as Harrington’s sportsbook takes its business online. Harrington also has the advantage of being the only Delaware operator offering online harness racing betting, so when online sportsbooks do start to come into the market, Harrington will have an advantage above the rest.

Harrington Raceway’s online casino and poker sites have a competitive selection of bonuses, including a bonus $10 just for signing up, no deposit required. You’ll also see poker deposit bonuses up to $500 and casino bonuses up to $100, with daily offers on top of that. We’re going to see a similar schedule of bonuses and a few new sweepstakes when Delaware online sports betting comes to Harrington Raceway, so we’ll keep you posted on any new extras you need to grab.

You’re not yet able to try Delaware online sports betting. But Harrington Raceway already offers online betting for fans of harness racing. Bet on harness races across the world using your credit/debit card, or by depositing cash at PayNearMe or GreenDot locations. Place your bets online and get signed up with the Player Rewards program for tons of extras!

How to choose the best online betting sites in Delaware

When you’re looking at a sports betting website, there are few considerations to keep in mind. How’s their customer service? What promotions and bonuses do they offer? Is there a rewards program, and can you earn rewards for playing online? How’s the look and feel of the website– is it a comfortable interface that feels well-designed?

We’ve taken a look at all of the above on these Delaware online sports betting locations, and we’ll lay out what we think you need to know. Keep the schedule of promotions and bonuses in mind when picking your favorite sports betting site, and we’ll lay out everything we’ve learned so you can make an educated decision.

Harrington Raceway, inc

Harrington Raceway offers an in-person sportsbook and online harness racing bets. However, they don't yet offer an online sportsbook, as is true of all the operators we cover. Anyway, using HarringtonBets and the Harrington Gaming online casino as a metric, we can assume a few things.

It's likely that Harrington Raceway’s sports betting app will offer competitive promotions. It’s not good business sense for any of these operators to lag behind with their promotions. So, as far as we’ve seen, promotions tend to stay consistent.

Harrington Gaming Online offers a $500 deposit match bonus for its online poker players. Plus, get a $100 match bonus for its online casino. Also, there're a bunch of daily bonuses and sweepstakes to take part in. When sports betting does finally come to Harrington Gaming, we expect to see similarly generous bonuses.

Likewise, we’re hoping to see a mobile rewards program, too. Bonuses and cashback rewards are ideal. However, as far as Delaware online sports betting goes, we expect the Harrington Raceway app to come out on top. This is because they have the experience, as they’re already offering horse racing betting online in Delaware.

Gaming at Dover Downs

Granted, Dover Downs doesn’t yet offer online sports betting. However, its in-person sportsbook offers a whole host of favored pro sports including MMA and college basketball. We expect to see an expanded range of sports to bet on and promotions in the near future. But, for now, Dover Downs is a great place to bet.

With a sizeable variety of game types and competitive promotions, Dover Downs doesn’t disappoint its players. Going forward, we hope the Dover Downs Capital Club Rewards program starts to grant online bonuses.

Delaware Park Gaming

Delaware Park is the only operator offering an online, real-money casino with a rewards program that benefits online players. This is important to note. Naturally, we expect promotions and great rewards to carry over to a sports betting app.

Our Final Thoughts

It seems like there are a few industry standards in Delaware that we’d like to see change. This is particularly true with respect to their online casino and poker websites. Namely, we’d like to see a move away from Flash. Also, 24/7 Live Chat support, more payment options, and bonus offers should be included.

That being said, there are plenty of places offering real-money gaming in Delaware. And when they open Delaware sports betting to online players, the floodgates will open up as well. This means more promotions, more competitive and streamlined rewards programs, and better apps. We’ve seen the same trend occur in other states, and Delaware will be no different.

After all, Delaware operators have the experiential edge when it comes to sports betting. They've operated legal sports betting for the past 20 years! As soon as you’re able, jump on one of our favorite Delaware online sports betting apps and start playing!