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FanDuel is one of the leading companies for all of your daily fantasy sports needs. This form of skilled betting has become increasingly popular across the US. In this FanDuel review we will provide you with an expertise opinion on the DFS giant.  

*Review conducted on November 17, 2016.

 CategoriesBet O'Clock Rating
Welcome Offer5/5
Range of Leagues / Contests4/5
Mobile App5/5
Payment options4/5
Customer service4/5
Overall Review4/5
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Welcome Offer – 5/5

get 5 free entries

Let’s start this FanDuel review with our opinion on what they have to offer as a welcome bonus. New customers are in luck, as FanDuel offers a very unique bonus that spreads over five weeks during NFL season. The offer is called the FanDuel 5-pack. To qualify for the bonus, all you have to do is add a minimum of $10 to your first deposit.

From this $10 you get five tickets to NFL Beginner 50/50 contests. These tickets are emailed to you on a weekly basis, for five weeks, and have to be used within 35 days of your first deposit.

The NFL Beginner 50/50 contest means that you compete against players of the same experience as yourself. In addition to this, the top 50% winners get cash prizes, providing you the opportunity to hopefully win at least one of the five games.

As stated, the minimal qualifying first deposit is $10. But keep in mind that the more you deposit, the larger the rewards are. Below you can see the different tiers for each bonus:

  • Deposit $10.00 – $24.99 to get 5 free $0.25 entries
  • $25.00 – $99.99 to get 5 free $1 entries
  • $100.00 – $199.99 to get 5 free $5 entries
  • $200.00 or more to get 5 free $10 entries.

If you do win, you have to use your full original deposit on contest entry fees before you can withdraw the amount. This is so people don’t sign up just to enter the free contests, and then walk away with all their deposit and free winnings. So stick with depositing the amount you are comfortable with. Then again, if you deposit big, the stakes are higher in the free games. Moreover, if you win more than your original deposit through the free games, the rest is a walk in the park.

Range of Leagues – 4/5


  • Private Leagues – FanDuel Friends Mode
  • Public Leagues

The FanDuel Friends Mode lets you create and compete in a reoccurring DFS league with your friends. It is currently only available for NFL, NBA and NHL. Unlike the traditional fantasy sports leagues, you are not tied down to injured or under performing players. You pick a new lineup each week, and get paid any winnings each week – no waiting for the end of the season.

FanDuel automatically creates a new contest for your league each week. The commissioner has full flexibility to edit the size of the contest, the entry fee and the payout each week. You can even take the week off if you wanted to without lagging behind.

Each of the three sports has a designated day during the week, so you can get into a routine of playing and keeps it contained to a weekly rather than daily task. NFL contests take place on Sundays, NBA contests are on Wednesdays, and NHL contests occur on Thursdays.

Every week is a chance to win, and you get paid straight away. To keep the competition flowing, FanDuel collects official standings similar to traditional fantasy leagues. These standings are created by combining your top five scores, so one bad week doesn’t ruin your entire season. This gives you bragging rights as you strengthen your status.

As a great and extra incentive to try the exciting new league format, FanDuel offers a $10 credit to every NBA and NHL commissioner. To earn this, play a Friends Mode contest with at least five friends with a $5 entry fee per player. Also, if you invite your friends through reefer-a-friend, you get an additional $10 when they have played $20 worth of contests – which they will probably do whilst playing in the league!

Public leagues are also available across all the sports. Tournaments are high-paying and you can choose from leagues of between 3-100 players with multiple payout structures. The variation of Leagues is simple but strong which is why our rating is high.

Contests – 4/5

contests and sports

Contests on FanDuel include:

  • Top Half Wins – the top 50% of participants win cash prizes.
  • Guaranteed Contests – guaranteed to take place, no matter how many entries are submitted.
  • Fill Up Contests – contests that only take place if the minimum number of entries is received.
  • Head-to-Heads – you against one other person.
  • Beginner Contests – as explained in the bonus, the beginner contests are there for players new to DFS to gain experience against players the same level as themselves.
  • Multipliers – play for up to five times your entry fee.

Mobile app – 5/5

mobile app android iOS

FanDual have mobile apps available on both Apple (iPhone, iPad, iPod and even the Watch compatible) and Android devices, and are free from the App Store and Google Play, respectfully. The Apple version requires iOS 8.0 or later and the Android app requires version 4.0.3 and up. The main features of FanDuel’s mobile app are as follows:

  • Find contests – sort by sport, type, entry fee, size and prizes.
  • Enter contests and edit lineups.
  • Multi entry – create up to a maximum of 10 entries at a time on Android, and an amazing maximum of 25 on Apple.
  • Live scoring – view your live scores, with a summary of your total entry fees and winnings.
  • Recent contests – check your recent results, your final positions and winnings.
  • Account – see your FanDuel Points, balance, and transaction history.
  • Deposit and withdraw.
  • Link to customer service.

As you can tell from the list above, you can pretty much do everything on the mobile app that you can do on the website. That is why they receive a 5/5 rating in this section of the FanDuel review. The navigation is smooth and it's easy for you to find features, with a clean white background. It really brings FanDuel to a higher standard. In our opinion FanDuel is best played on the mobile app.

Payment Options – 4/5

withdrawal deposit

FanDuel accept deposits through PayPal and the following major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard and Discover. PayPal is a great option as you can add a lot of  cards to your PayPal account. There are no fees when you deposit with FanDuel.

Deposit limit restrictions apply in some states, which FanDuel comply to. These are as follows: limit of $1,000 per calendar month for residents of Massachusetts; and a deposit limit of $2,500 per calendar month for residents and people located in Tennessee. If you reside in these areas, you can request for these limitations to be increased by contacting FanDuel’s customer service.

Withdrawing your funds is easy and fast. PayPal is by far the quickest method, FanDuel claiming to process the requests within 48 hours, whilst checks can take between 7 to 10 days plus delivery. When withdrawing, you may have to provide a valid mailing address, birthday and social security number – for tax purposes and to check you are who you’re meant to be.

The main reason why they dropped a point in this FanDuel review is because, in our opinion FanDuel don’t offer a whole lot of different services with which to move your money in and out of the site with. However, as they offer the more popular options, this FanDuel review still gives them a high rating at 4/5.

Customer Service– 4/5

customer care

To begin with, check over FanDuel’s comprehensive Support page to see if your answers are there. The page covers a large variety of questions, such as: General Questions, Login / Password / Username, Verification, Promotion / Promocode, Contest Edit / Entry, Rules and Live Scoring, Deposit / Withdrawal, Trust & Safety, and Friends Mode. You can also ask your own question, however if you are in urgent need of a response then please turn to the next contact methods.

You can contact FanDuel’s Customer Support team via email at [email protected], which still is not the fastest method however, if you are busy then this way allows you to get on with other business until you receive a response.

The most advertised method is FanDuel’s Live Chat. Enter your full name, email, select a topic, and type out your query to submit a request. From this you will get directed to a member of the support team that is available. The Live Chat is open Monday to Saturday, 8AM to 8PM (EDT), but are closed on Sunday.

You can also contact them via Twitter, a mode of customer service that is rising in most businesses, bringing the companies closer to the players. In their most recent Twitter replies, they have responded to questions in around 30 minutes, which is outstanding and most definitely the quickest method.

Customer service is always a very important aspect, especially in the opinion of this FanDuel review. A big reason why it has received such a high rating in this FanDuel review is because, in our opinion, FanDuel provide a very high quality, fast service through the Live Chat and social media. In review, FanDuel could up their numbers is they were to open their Live Chat up on Sundays as well, as that will be a very common day for users to need assistance, what with the majority

Overall Review – 4/5

our verdict

Our verdict and overall opinion of FanDuel brings this FanDuel review to a rating of 4 out of 5. The Friend Mode, combined with the commissioner bonuses and refer-a-friend rewards, can count for a great amount of free credit to use for contests entry fees. The ability to have all the features of the website at your fingertips on the app is great, meaning you can play anywhere and any time without missing out or only getting half the experience. For NFL fans, the customer service hours being closed on Sundays could turn frustrating and crucial. However, Twitter is monitored over that period, so they should be able to look into the issue for you.

In this FanDuel review, our opinion of their welcome offer and mobile app clocked in at a monster 5/5 rating, so we know that the daily fantasy sports operator is very good for new players. All of the other aspects in the opinion of this FanDuel review come in as very good also, with FanDuel showing very few faults.

Sign up via the FanDuel website or mobile app to reap in the 5-pack bonus – five free entries to NFL Beginners contests, one a week for five weeks!

What We LikeWhat We Don’t Like
 thumbs-up5-pack welcome bonus thumbs-downIf you don’t have Twitter, response from customer service may be slow.
thumbs-up Friend Modethumbs-down Customer service closed on Sundays – a busy day for NFL!
 thumbs-upDeposit and withdraw available via the appthumbs-down Apple advantage with number of entries you can sumbit at once – 25 for Apple, 10 for Android.

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