Where to Watch the Kentucky Derby Race Live

The Kentucky Derby is scheduled for April 30th, 2021.

The Kentucky Derby is always a staple in the racing calendar each year. Tens of millions of people will view it in 2021. If you are looking at the different options of where to watch the Kentucky Derby then you are in luck! This article walks you through all of the different options that are offered.

In previous decades, the choices would be a lot more limited. However, with the constant evolution of the internet and live streaming, there are now many quality options for you to check out. This allows you the flexibility to choose an option that will be as best a fit as possible for your situation.

In 2021, it will be the 147th time to watch the Kentucky Derby race live, so there is a lot of building excitement. This is why it is a good idea to be well-prepared with regards to knowing where to watch the Kentucky Derby horses.

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How to Watch the Kentucky Derby Race Live Online

The most convenient and accessible option to watch the Kentucky Derby race live has to be through online sources. This allows you to be able to view the race on your mobile or desktop device so matter where you are, one you are connected to the internet.

Perhaps the best options from the online streaming sources is through the popular horse racing betting sites. These platforms allow you to bet on races from all across the world, including the Kentucky Derby race live.

However, what is even better for a lot of race fans is that they also allow you to watch these races for free when you have signed up for an account with them. Here are some of the best choices to watch the Derby live in 2021:


Every day of the week you will be able to view horse racing with Amwager. There is extensive coverage for the bigger race meetings. There is a lot of flexibility with its live streaming options, with the ability to watch two races at the same time if you wish to do so, not something the other offerings allow.


TVG is perhaps the most established of all of these options when it comes to Kentucky Derby streaming online. It broadcasts horse races both online and through television channels across the United States. It has an extremely comprehensive offering and all fans of horse racing would be well-served by signing up for an account with the platform.

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Twinspires perhaps has the most diverse range of horse racing live streaming options out of all of the leading choices. The platform has everything from harness racing to quarter racing and of course the mainstay of thoroughbred horse racing. The broadcasts are of a very high-quality, particularly when it comes to the bigger races such as the Kentucky Derby.


A constantly growing horse racing betting and live streaming site is BetAmerica. While it may not be as steeped in the sport as some of the other options, it certainly has a long list of races for you to view live. They have a great mobile offering in particular, which can be ideal for watching the Kentucky Derby race live on the go if you do not have access to a television or a desktop computer. It also has great markets for Kentucky Derby online betting.

NBC Sports

NBC Sports is not an online betting site, but it does allow you to watch the Kentucky Derby live online. You can do so directly from the NBC Sports website or you can download its NBC Sports Live App, which caters for both iOS and Android users.

Watching the Kentucky Derby on TV

If you want to take the more traditional approach and have the Kentucky Derby TV experience, then there are a few different networks broadcasting the race, depending on what region you are in.

The main Kentucky Derby broadcast will be through NBC. This network is one of the best for sports in the country and it will be airing extensive Kentucky Derby race live coverage on the fateful day.

Kentucky Derby coverage will begin on the network early in the day, giving you plenty of time to learn all you need to know and to get an inside line on the potential contenders.

Going to the Kentucky Derby

Many horse racing fans have a dream of one day attending the Kentucky Derby in-person. This is one of the most historic races in the sport and there is a great viewing experience for those who go to the Churchill Downs racetrack.

You can purchase tickets for three different areas of the track, each having its own unique viewing experience. The Clubhouse is the most sophisticated of the options and being well-located at the center of the finish line.

Then there is the Grandstand, which is beside the Clubhouse and gives you a good view of the starting post as well as the final turn. Finally, you are able to get admission into the infield of the track. This puts you right in the thick of the action, with its atmosphere being well-regarded.

The ticket prices naturally will vary depending on which section you are in and what type of package you go for. Generally, you will be able to get entry into Churchill Downs for the Kentucky Derby day starting at $75.

Watching a Replay of the Kentucky Derby

A lot of people might not have the time to watch the Kentucky Derby live. However, they have a few different options to view Kentucky Derby coverage during and after the fact.

Perhaps these options are those online horse racing sites that were mentioned previously in the article. The likes of TVG, BetAmerica, Twinspires, and Amwager all have capabilities whereby you can watch replays of recent horse races.

Naturally, this is the case for a Kentucky Derby race replay. Usually, this footage will be available on these respective sites about 15 minutes after the winner has been crowned.

Once you have an account with these respective online racing sites, then you will be able to watch the Kentucky Derby race replay for free. This means that you don’t have to waste time looking for decent footage of where to watch the Kentucky Derby.

Coverage Buildup to the Kentucky Derby

Naturally, when it comes to choosing where to watch the Kentucky Derby, you may want to get access to the buildup and analysis before the race in addition to just watching the race itself.

Most of the online horse racing betting sites will have their own distinct coverage, with TVG and Twinspires perhaps being the best options for this type of broadcasting. Naturally, NBC will also have a decent pre-race show for you to check out.

Watching the Kentucky Oaks Live

The Kentucky Oaks is another Grade I race that takes place during the same race meeting as the Kentucky Derby. Kentucky Oaks betting is very popular as a buildup for the Kentucky Derby the following day. It has been raced since 1875, so it has a lot of history just like the Kentucky Derby.

You can view this race the same way in which you would watch the Kentucky Derby. You can do so online through the likes of the horse racing betting sites, as well as through traditional television and also having access to race replays online. The choice of where to watch the Kentucky Derby and the Kentucky Oaks will be entirely up to you.


When does the Kentucky Derby take place?

The official day of the Kentucky Derby is always a Saturday. This year it will be April 30th, 2021.  This will see the 147th occasion that the Kentucky Derby has been run, with the race usually beginning at about 6:50 PM eastern standard time.

What television network can you watch the Kentucky Derby?

If you want to check out a Kentucky Derby broadcast, then your best bet is NBC. Their sports coverage is always of a high-quality. Additionally, there is always an expert panel giving their views on the race before it begins, allowing you to get familiar with all of the participants and contenders.

Where to view the Kentucky Derby online?

The best place to watch the Kentucky Derby online is through online racing betting sites such as Twinspires, Amwager, Betamerica and TVG. These sites will allow Kentucky Derby streaming online for free once you have signed up for an account. You can watch these races on a desktop or mobile device.

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