National Championship Betting Picks 2020

Which team will be the best bet to make it to the National Championship game in 2020?

We’ll be following the NCAAf 2019-2020 season closely. Watch us for updates on who to pick for betting on the National Championship on January 11, 2020.

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NCAA Football Championship 2018 – 2019 Best Betting Lines

NCAAf Championship 2018-19 ContendersMoney Lines*
Alabama Crimson Tide (13-0)-250
Clemson Tigers (13-0)+240
Oklahoma Sooners (12-1)+1400
Notre Dame Fighting Irish (12-0)+1600
Where to bet online:SugarHouse Sportsbook
Restrictions:Only available from NJ, PA; 21+

*Money lines were taken on 12/11/2018 and subject to change.

Taking into consideration that College Football Playoff National Championship is for college football what Super bowl is for the NFL, it comes as no surprise that National Championship betting is so popular. We also have a page about Super Bowl Betting.

The final game will determine a national champion for NCAA Division I, also referred to as FBS (Football Bowl Subdivision). It is the most competitive league that features top-level college teams across the state.

It is interesting that the NCAA does not officially award an FBS football championship, nor does it offer a playoff tournament so that the champion can be decided on the field.

Instead of that, organizations like AFCA and Associated Press rank and crown a champion by taking votes of coaches and sportswriters into account. However, in modern times, an agreement was made between the top FBS conferences and matchups are organized so that the champion is decided on the field.

That is great news for both the football fans and those interested in National Championship betting.

 College Football Playoff Betting

The Season Schedule

Start of the season marks a long way before National Championship betting becomes a thing since the FBS season starts in August or early September. During the regular season, most of the teams play 12 games per year. Majority of those games, eight or nine, are against their conference opponents.

The culmination is in January, at the College Football Playoff National Championship game where the winners of Orange Bowl and the Cotton Bowl will compete.

Both the Orange and Cotton Bowl is played on December 29, while the National Championship is on January 7, the time when National Championship betting skyrockets and both the bettors and the fans unite over a common goal — rooting for their favorite. Check out the latest odds at bet365, Unibet or SugarHouse.

The Teams

Four teams are currently contending for the title of a National Champion, and the finalists will be decided on December 29.

If you are interested in National Championship betting, you should pay close attention to both of these games as it will tell you which team will come stronger into the finals. Follow all the big College Bowl Games here.

In the Cotton Bowl, Clemson Tigers will face off against the Fighting Irish. Both sides have an impeccable record this season as none of them have lost a single game they played. The winner of this match will face off against a winner of Orange Bowl that is played between Alabama Crimson Tide and Oklahoma Sooners.

the Fighting Irish cotton bowl

Alabama enters the Orange Bowl with a clean sheet of 13–0, while the Sooners enter with a 12–1 record. Their only loss was to Texas in the 113th Red River Showdown.

As you can see, bettors who look forward to National Championship betting don’t have it easy this year as almost all teams have a nearly perfect record.

What Are the Analysts Saying?

Both hardcore fans and hardcore bettors enjoy a wager with good odds. The further you go down the brackets, tournaments, and leagues the more exciting it seems to be.

With Orange Bowl and Cotton Bowl right around the corner, the excitement over National Championship betting appears to be reaching its peak.

Everyone has already had their own idea of who will come out on top among the remaining four. However, when it comes to the numbers and the odds, it is a task best left in the hands of the professional oddsmakers.

After the games were announced and the dust settled, it appears that Alabama remained the favorite with odds of -240. However, does that mean that they are a safe bet? Not even close.

Alabama crimson tide

If we’ve learned anything by now, it is the fact that, when it comes to the National Championship, betting the odds don’t really say much. A slow start against Oklahoma could put them in trouble, as Oklahoma is leading the nation in 49.5 average points scored per game.

On the other side, there are Clemson Tigers that are playing Notre Dame. Notre Dame had extremely low odds during the preseason, and even now they don’t seem the best, which implies that there is little chance of them getting past Clemson Tigers.

There’s no safe bet in National Championship betting, but both the analysts and fans seem to approve of Clemson Tigers’ odds as they are currently at +275. They are a big favorite over Notre Dame and a good contender to win the whole championship.

The Venue

The venue is already announced, and the champion will be crowned at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California. The football stadium is home to the NFL club San Francisco 49ers and has been ever since the opening of the stadium in 2014.

It has a capacity of 68,500, but it can be expanded to 75,000. On the day of the finals, the stadium is packed both by hardcore fans and bettors alike who came to see if their National Championship betting tradition will end up being profitable.

However, National Championship betting is far from the main reason why the teams get to play on such a great stadium. Most of the FBS players will end up drafted into NFL shortly after college, so it’s beneficial for them to experience the thrill and excitement by playing in front of such a huge crowd.

At the same time, universities don’t pay the players, but they do earn revenue generated from the games that is later on used to fund the scholarships.

If you won’t be attending the event but you wish to get your National Championship betting information first hand, you can watch the game on ESPN!

national championship betting


Saying that National Championship betting can be tricky is an understatement. We’re in a phase where anything could happen, and any team could make an upset.

Albeit the odds point in Alabama’s favor, the safest bet would be betting on them individually over betting on them to immediately win the championship.

If Oklahoma somehow manages to win over Alabama, we could be looking at the new favorite playing with Clemson Tigers, the team that has had a strong performance throughout the whole season.

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