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Points betting is a whole different system of betting. It came to the US legal online sports betting market via PointsBet, a company started in Australia in 2017. It is now available in New Jersey. Yes, PointsBet NJ is another fresh addition to growing online sports betting market. If you like counting football points, you should keep reading!

In this type of betting you can take bigger risks. But also, every time you enter that bet, your winnings or losses can change with every second of the game, just like the NFL points. And sometimes this can affect your balance significantly.

Points Betting at PoinstBet

Don't worry, there are seat belts built into this crazy ride – in a form of „stop losses”. It's a tool that allows a player to decide on their own cap in a specific bet. Of course, it also limits the potential winning. Let's look at how the point betting system works, where is the fun, what are the risks. Actually, it's not that complicated!

And fear not, PointsBet got Darrelle Revis, yes, one of the best cornerbacks in the history of NFL, to explain to you in a video how does the points betting system works.

What is Points Betting? How does it work? Points betting explained!

Let’s answer the question of what is points betting. So the basic difference between points betting and your usual types of bets is the fact that in this case winnings or losses are not fixed. They change with every minute of the game, depending on whether the score is moving away or toward what you predicted in your bet.

As PointsBet puts it – they add a twist to the traditional types of bets: spread, total or prop.

Here is an example of how it works.

Let’s say you want to bet $10. There’s your favorite team A, and you are betting that it will beat the opposing team B, by more than 10 points. Let’s look at different scenarios. If it’s exactly 10 points, you don’t win or lose. If team A wins by 13 points, your stake will be multiplied by three.

That’s because 3 the multiplier, in this case, is the difference between the 10 points from the bet and the result of the game. You will win 3 times of your $10 stake, which is $30. If Team A wins only by five points, your loss will be also multiplied. In this case by five – the difference between the spread (10) and the actual result (5). The bettor will lose $50.

Betting Markets

The multipliers’ caps vary, depending on which type of market the bet was placed. That means that maximum win and maximum loss are set for each market. PointsBet has sometimes hundreds of markets per game.


Their specialties are the classics: NFL, NBA, and MLB. But they offer points betting on other sports too. Here is a list:

  • The big three: NFL, NBA, MLB
  • Hockey
  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • MMA
  • Boxing
  • Golf
  • Cricket
  • Cycling
  • Darts

Types of bets

So, for example, you can bet on:

  • NBA: total points scored during the game, first field goal attempt of a concrete player, the full variety of player’s shootings percentage – field goal, three-point field goals, and so on.
  • NFL: points scored by a player, the first touchdown of the game, how good the quarterback is, a player rushing/receiving yards, etc
  • MLB: the result after the first, third or the fifth inning.

These are just examples, but PointsBet brags on their website that they can offer up to 500 bet types for just one game.

PointsBet Bet Types


Since points betting can be a crazy ride, PointsBet has something for the bettor and the sportsbook to hold on too. For the players, the option to limit the risk of possible loss, PointsBet invented “stop loss”.

Stop Loss

If you are worried about taking too big of a risk, PointsBet NJ has a solution for you: stop loss. It allows you to Let’s go back to the original Team A. Again, you bet $10 they will win by more than 10 points. Instead, they lose by 10 points. But you had a hunch and took a precaution to set a stop loss at 5 points. This means you will not lose 10 times your stake, but just five times.


Since points betting can be a crazy ride, also for the sportsbook, he too has to cover his back. PointBet, to prepare for bettors’ possible losses, withholds a proportional amount of money from their account.

Every time you place a bet the information about the amount withheld will appear.

Extra excitement!

If just watching football points grow during the game is not enough excitement for you, try points betting. Yes, it’s more fun and more risk, but it also makes each football point scored that much more thrilling. And it applies to all other sports – each second of the game, each point scored, each attempted goal or an assist, it all matters suddenly so much more. When you sign up with the bookmaker, you can benefit from a special bonus if you use the PointsBet Promo Code – two risk-free bets worth up to $1000.

Watching any sports event, when you have wagered your money through points betting system, is a guaranteed adrenaline ride. Have fun!

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