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Super Bowl is happening on the 2nd of February 2020! There will be some great online Super Bowl betting options available closer to the game. Plus, there are already a ton of Super Bowl futures with some surprising odds.

For now, let's have a look at last year's betting odds and tips in preparation for the new season.


Online Super Bowl Betting: Available Bonuses

Now, the main question for many is where to bet on the Super Bowl. Check out the table of Super Bowl betting sites where you can place wagers and earn some amazing payouts.

Below, you'll also learn about some NFL Super Bowl odds and the different available markets.

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Super Bowl Betting Odds 2019: Los Angeles Rams vs. New England Patriots

When it comes to the current Super Bowl odds at US sportsbooks, you will find little difference. The Patriots are the Super Bowl favorites to win, making this their fourth Super Bowl appearance in the past five years. Wondering what’s the spread on the Super Bowl? The average spread betting on the Patriots is -115 on -2 and for the Rams, +2 is -105.

As for Super Bowl betting lines, Super Bowl spread betting is the most popular option. However, if you are looking to win a bit more, you should also consider Over/Under betting.

Overall, the Super Bowl spread betting odds are pretty even, ranging between 1.85 and 1.92 at top-rated online sportsbooks. At this time, the Super Bowl odds to favor the Patriots.

Super Bowl 53: Our Predictions

Now, if you are looking to start Online Super Bowl betting, you'll want to know some of our Super Bowl predictions. The current Super Bowl odds are running neck and neck for both teams. That said, while the Patriots are a favorite, the Rams could cause quite an upset. This means overall, the Super Bowl betting odds are pretty tight when comparing both teams.

As you might've guessed, this year’s game is expected to be a high scoring one. Consequently, you may find it beneficial to place Super Bowl point spread bets over choosing a winner. Like last year, it seems success for the Patriots will come down to Tom Brady's performance. However, the running game needs to be on point as well, and the Rams have a strong defense. Naturally, that could present many problems for the over-confident Patriots squad.

To maximize your chance of winning, Super Bowl betting lines on Over/Under may prove to be lucrative, since both teams are known to score high in regular games. Our Super Bowl prediction has New England at a slight edge over the Rams, but anything can happen. If you are placing Super Bowl spread bets, you may find these wagers deliver some handsome payouts.

Taking into consideration the NFL Super Bowl odds, you can get a bit of a boost when betting on the Pats. With many betting options, you'll find 2019 offers some amazing Super Bowl betting thrills. Likewise, the best betting sites will cover all markets and will offer the best Super Bowl betting odds.

When Super Bowl betting lines first started last year year, the Rams were deemed to be the Super Bowl favorites. However, there has been a shift in the Super Bowl betting odds and now the Pats are on top and believed to be the team that will win.

The question remains, what’s the spread on the Super Bowl? This is changing daily as more and more bets are being placed. Initially, the LA Rams began as single point favorites, but the Super Bowl odds have taken a shift and now, the Patriots have a two-point advantage.

The main reason for this shift in Super Bowl odds is due to eth recent performance of the Patriot team. After winning the AFC Division, they played their best games when it truly mattered, making them the Super Bowl favorite. However, don’t write off the Rams just yet. You can make quite a bit of money with Super Bowl line bets and Super Bowl spreads.

LA Rams: The Path to the Super Bowl

For two years in a row, the Rams finished first in the NFC and were the chosen team to reach the Super Bowl this year. Their overall record of 13-3 was quite impressive, making them a Super Bowl favorite. The Rams enjoyed some great wins at the end of the season as they beat the Saints and Cowboys in Divisional playoff games and the Championship game. A win this year would mark only the second Super Bowl title for the team in franchise history.

The Rams have an impressive offensive line that will help them against the Patriots. However, they had some weakness during the regular season with defense. Many changes have been made and now, the defensive line is ready to block the Pats. These changes played a large role in the fluctuation of the Super Bowl betting odds.

New England Patriots: Defending the Title

The Patriots have been Super Bowl favorites for a number of years. This year, a string of wins has landed the team in the main event once again. Consequently, they are surely the Super Bowl favorite team. With strong defensive and offensive lines backing Tom Brady, the Pats are expected to put on quite a show.

During the regular season, the team went 11-5, which was just enough to earn them the division title. Granted, their season didn’t start off great, dropping a few games. Luckily, they soon got back on track with a six-game winning streak. This year is their third consecutive Super Bowl and with some amazing Super Bowl betting lines, you'll have the chance to achieve some stunning payouts.

The current Super Bowl odds reflect the team's strength as they are tipped to win. Now, if you are looking on where to bet on the Super Bowl, be sure to consider out recommended sites and take a look at the great Super Bowl betting lines.

Bet on the Super Bowl with Mobile Apps

If you have done some research and are ready to engage in Online Super Bowl betting, be sure to check out the great mobile apps provided. With these, you can enjoy Super Bowl spread betting and some great NFL Super Bowl odds.

You may think that betting on the Super Bowl favorite is the way to go, but the odds will vary from one sportsbook to another. As a result, you may find that wagers on the Rams will yield some great returns. Remember, take some time to review the Super Bowl betting odds at different sites before making any final decisions.

When choosing a type of wager, be sure to consider Super Bowl line betting and spread betting. Helpfully, the mobile apps highlighted here offer great Super Bowl odds and you will find it very easy to begin placing wagers.

Want to know where to bet on the Super Bowl? Take a look at the brief descriptions of the top-rated mobile apps that are now supporting Super Bowl betting lines.

888 Sport

Here you will find everything you need to begin Super Bowl betting activities What to know what’s the spread on the Super Bowl? 888 provides all the latest information so you can make informed decisions. The mobile app is easy to use and supports all types of bets so you can enjoy Super Bowl point spread bets, Super Bowl line bets and so much more.

At 888, you can download the mobile app on an Android or iOS device or you can use the web browser to instantly connect with 888 with no download. No matter how you access the site, you will find some of the best Super Bowl odds being presented.

Super Bowl Betting

SugarHouse Mobile

Super Bowl betting options are widely available at SugarHouse and you will find the best current Super Bowl odds being offered. The app can be downloaded on Android and iOS devices. What's more, you'll even be able to claim a great welcome bonus to use for Super Bowl betting lines.


This is one of the most popular Super Bowl betting sites operating in the US. Here, you'll find an excellent range of Super Bowl lines. Thankfully, the mobile site is designed for fast and easy access. Likewise, with updated Super Bowl odds, a wide overage of betting options, and great paying bonuses, this site will meet all of your Super Bowl betting needs.

Super Bowl Betting 2019

Online Super Bowl Betting: Final Tips

If you are wondering where to bet on the Super Bowl, look no further. Any of these highlighted sites will offer the best Super Bowl betting lines and present you with the current Super Bowl odds. What's more, if you've never engaged in Super Bowl betting, there are tutorials to help you choose the right bet.

Even though the Rams started off as the Super Bowl favorites, things have changed, giving the Patriots a little edge. However, you will find great Super Bowl betting options on both teams. And with some Super Bowl point spread bets, you can walk away a winner, even if your favored team didn't win. There can be more value in Super Bowl spread betting than with betting on the winner, so be sure to examine all Super Bowl betting lines.

You will want to consider spreads and always know the current one. What’s the spread on the Super Bowl this year? Well, it began with the Rams having a one-point advantage, but this has shifted to the Patriots as being two-point favorites for this year’s Super Bowl.

If you truly want to make some money off the game, be sure to consider the Super Bowl point spread and Super Bowl line betting options. In most cases, these will offer more value overall and you will have more success, regardless of the winner of Super Bowl 53.