Online Super Bowl LIV Betting

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Super Bowl LIV is taking place on February 2, 2020. Don't miss your chance for Super Bowl betting on futures.

Right now, there are future bets to place on the Super Bowl. Or you can follow the playoffs and make your picks on the moneyline.

Super Bowl LIV Bet on Winner

Super Bowl LIV Champion Register to Bet on these lines*
Ravens +220
Saints +550
Patriots +650
49ers +700
Chiefs +750
Seahawks +900

*Lines are subject to change.

Super Bowl LIV Finalists Futures

Super Bowl LIV Finalists Register to Bet on these Odds*
Ravens v Saints +480
Ravens v 49ers +650
Patriots v Saints +950
Patriots v 49ers +1200
Ravens v Packers +1100
Chiefs v 49ers +1700

*Odds are subject to change.

There will be some great online Super Bowl betting options available closer to the game. Plus, there are already a ton of futures with some surprising odds at FanDuel Sportsbook, as seen above.

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Super Bowl Betting Odds

When it comes to the current Super Bowl odds at sportsbooks, there seems to be a consensus.

This season the Ravens are the favorites to win the NFL Champtionship, having dominated the regular season and amassing 12 wins and only 2 losses. The Patriots, Packers, Saints, Seahawks, and 49ers are not far behind, however, with each team having an 11 and 3 record.

Super Bowl over under odds

The over under markets for the Super Bowl aren't out just yet. You will have to wait until the teams have won their conferences. Although, the sportsbooks are suggesting it's going to be the Ravens vs Saints.

It's a pretty good Super Bowl prediction, however, that the Ravens' top defense will hold whoever they play to relatively few points. Any match up against the Ravens is likely to be a low-scoring one, be prepared to think on the lower side of the total score for over under betting on the Championship game this season.

Super Bowl spread betting

Spread betting can always be tricky. Depending on the final teams in the Super Bowl, you might hope to see a narrow spread or if both teams have high scoring offenses with strong defenses, you could expect a huge spread.

Either way, it's smart to shop around at various online sportsbooks to look at different spreads before making your Super Bowl betting pick. The spread markets won't be pushed until the sportsbooks have the teams, but it pays (maybe literally) to have some knowledge about what you're looking for beforehand.

Remember, that betting against the spread can be a viable choice too. It's the Super Bowl and teams are eager to perform. With no clear favorites, betting against the spread in the SuperBowl can sometimes be the best choice.

Super Bowl prop bets

Prop bets are a very good way to enhance the entertainment value in a game! They're bets made beforehand about specific things likely to happen in the game.

For example, let's say Brady is indeed in Super Bowl 54. You can make a prop bet that Brady will throw two touchdown passes at a decent line for some money. Alternatively, you can probably find a prop bet that Brady throws two interceptions.

The prop bets are very dependent on the teams playing and what the online sportsbooks set as the market. Come game time, take a look at the online sportsbooks to see what your Super Bowl betting choices are.

Super Bowl live betting

Arguably, the best thing you can do, gambling-wise, during the Super Bowl is live betting. It's sometimes called in-play betting as well.

This means that you have a sportsbook app on your phone and you follow the game and make real-money bets about what's going on in the game as it happens.

Will the QB complete this 10-yard pass to get this exact first down? Does the defense stop this important field goal? Will the linebacker fumble on this run?

These Super Bowl bets are all about what's happening as it happens. Stay tuned to see the market develop and make your picks. You'll also get immediate feedback on whether your bet wins or loses because you'll see it take place in real-time.

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Super Bowl 54 Predictions

Now, if you are looking to start online Super Bowl betting, you'll need to know what the sportsbooks think before you sign up.

The current odds have the Ravens as a favorite, with lines to win generally around +225.

If you want a slightly longer shot (and bigger payout) to bet on at the Super Bowl, you can make a pick on the New Orleans Saints. They're predicted to win second to Baltimore and their odds to win the Championship are a solid +550 at the online sportsbooks we checked.

The Patriots and 49ers are also pretty solid choices that'll win you a decent payout. Those teams have odds in the +650 to +700 range. Use this betting odds calculator to figure out your profit on a particular bet.

Lastly, if you're really keen on making the insane long-shot wager, Cleveland and Oakland are both posting odds to win at +100000. If you bet just $20 on either team's unlikely victory and it actually happens, you'll win $20,000.

Is it likely to happen? No, definitely not. But wouldn't it be amazing if it did and you called that bet? Totally.

Football betting

How to bet on the Super Bowl Online

A handful of states have regulated online sportsbooks that you can register to bet on if you're 21+. Make Super Bowl bets today and follow the NFL playoffs too.

NJ sports betting, PA sports betting, WV sports betting, and IN sports betting all have products you can download to bet on the NFL Championship. FanDuel Sportsbook and DraftKings Sportsbook are some of the main platforms available in multiple states.

To register at an online sportsbook for Super Bowl betting, you need to:

  1. Double-check which platforms are available in your state.
  2. Open an account with the sportsbook of your choice.
  3. Make your first deposit (and collect the welcome bonus).
  4. Open the football betting market and make your bet slip by choosing bets.
  5. Confirm the bet slip and place your bets on the NFL Championship Game.

You can register now at FanDuel or DraftKings to bet on sports if you're in IN, NJ, or PA.

Be aware that as the playoffs develop, the market is likely to change. So if you don't see any Super Bowl bets you think are good, don't feel pressured! Only make bets on things you think are value bets.

Betting Trends

This is always very dynamic when it comes to developing betting markets. Just consider what happened last year:

When Super Bowl betting lines first started, the Rams were deemed to be the favorites. However, there was a shift in the betting market and the Patriots were on top and expected to win.

So given that, what was the spread on the game that year? It was changing often as more and more bets were being placed. Initially, the LA Rams began as single point favorites, but the odds eventually took a shift and the Patriots have a two-point advantage.

The main reason for this shift in Super Bowl odds that year was due to the performance of New England. After winning the AFC Division, they hit their best games when it truly mattered, making them the favorites.

As you can see, a lot changed over time in the world of Super Bowl betting. it's very exciting to get engaged early. But sometimes it's better to just wait and see how the playoffs turn out.

Super Bowl Betting Tips

If you are wondering where to bet on the Super Bowl, we tried to provide you with a lot of odds, picks, predictions, and sportsbook recommendations.

Any of these highlighted sites will offer the good Super Bowl betting lines and present you with current odds. What's more, if you've never engaged in any type of betting before, there are on-site tutorials to help you choose the right bet.

Even though the Ravens are currently the favorites, that could quickly change during the playoffs. The betting markets will react accordingly. Unless you see a bet that you think is a no-brainer, our general recommendation is waiting until the market develops a little bit.

This way, you'll have a very clear sense of how the teams are performing and you can make more educated over under bets and spread bets on the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl betting can be very fun but as with all forms of gambling, there is the potential to get carried away. Bet smart, don't bet often and bet only what you can afford. Betting isn't a make it or break it solution to anything, it's just entertainment. And it should be treated as such, even if you bet on the biggest NFL game of the season.