TVG Bonus 2019: How to claim the bonus

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New customers can enjoy a special TVG bonus to kick start their horse betting experience – a first deposit match bonus of 100% up to $75.

How to Get the TVG Bonus:

100% matched deposit up to $75, plus extra $20

Only valid for new customers, your first deposit will be matched up to $75. You will then get a bonus on-top of the bonus, which is $20 just for signing up.

The bonus funds will get credited to your account to use as a bet. But before you think about how to get TVG bonus, there are some terms and conditions to bear in mind. Before you can get any of the bonuses, within 15 days of opening the account you have to wager the first deposit.

Once you have wagered your first deposit, up to $75, then you will receive the matched deposit bonus within five days. This is one of the many great welcome bonuses that TVG has offered, which are extensive and beneficial to the customers, and usually based on racing events.

This bonus is available on TVG mobile as well.

Step by step of how to get TVG bonus

  1. Register at TVG.
  2. Click the button to get the bonus code.
  3. Bet your first deposit.
  4. The TVG bonus will be transfered into your account up to 5 days after the wager.

Don't forget that you could still apply for TVG promo code if you've not signed up to the operator before. Check out our joining offers first!

Terms & Conditions

  • You must be at least 21 years of age.
  • You must be a US citizen.
  • When you sign up you can enter the  Rewards Program by manually ticking a box.
  • TVG reserves the right to refuse any wagering.
  • A wagering transaction that is $1,000 or less can be cancelled.
  • You may cancel up to 20 wagers per day.
  • Winnings that are larger than $600.00 must be reported to the IRS.
  • TVG will report any activities that constitute as fraud to authorities.
  • Wager within 15 days of registering.

TVG VIP Rewards Program bonus

TVG winners circle

Rewards for quarterly spend, beginning at $10,000

This TVG bonus is only for the most dedicated of bettors. There are three grades and a Hall of Fame status that you could earn, whilst betting on any of the horse races. Grade 3 opens once you have wagered $10,000 in a quarter, Grade 2 at $18,000, Grade 1 at $25,000, and Hall of Fame is an invitation-only privilege – each grade opening up more rewards.

Grade 3 earns you the following: unlimited live video and race replays, free TVG PPs (refunded), exclusive VIP wagering promotions, entry to TVG prize drawings, VIP helpdesk phone access, and one free wire withdrawals per quarter. Grade 2 earns all this, the free wire withdrawals per quarter increasing to 2, as well as: no credit/debit fees, preferred BetCash withdrawals, and one overnight check withdrawals per quarter.

Grade 1 earns all this, with the free wire withdrawals per quarter increasing to 4, the overnight check withdrawals per quarter increasing to 2, plus the bonus of VIP only contests and tournaments. The Hall of Fame status will get you a massive 8 free wire withdrawals per quarter, and 4 overnight check withdrawals per quarter; and as well as everything listed above, you will get access to hospitality events and a managed account.

Although the required betting amount is large for the casual fan, this TVG bonus is great for regular, big-spending horse racing bettors. You have to know your stuff to be willing to bet that amount per quarter. However, if you are going to be betting this much anyway, this is a great reward scheme that will benefit you greatly.

By betting more, you are saving more and can get your winnings faster. Unlimited live video and race replays mean you can bet smarter – seeing how your horse last performed and seeing if you actually like the look of his racing technique. Bizarrely, California residents are not eligible for Grade 3.

Step by step of how to get the TVG VIP Rewards Program bonus

  1. Register with TVG.
  2. Opt-in to the reward scheme.
  3. Start wagering.
  4. Wager at least $10,000 quarterly.
  5. Receive the bonuses representative of how much you wager.

Terms & Conditions

  • You must be at least 21 years of age.
  • You must be a US citizen.
  • When you sign up you can enter the  Rewards Program by manually ticking a box.
  • TVG reserves the right to refuse any wagering.
  • A wagering transaction that is $1,000 or less can be cancelled.
  • You may cancel up to 20 wagers per day.
  • Winnings that are larger than $600.00 must be reported to the IRS.
  • TVG will report any activities that constitute as fraud to authorities.
  • Californian residents are not eligible for Grade III.
  • the VIP program will be retrieved if your account has been suspended.
  • TVG reserves the right to cancel the VIP program.

TVG Deposit & Withdrawal:

deposit withdrawal

Deposit Method

There are multiple ways to deposit onto your TVG account. Use either: credit/debit cards (Visa or MasterCard); TVG Prepaid card, PayNearMe, BetCash, or PayPal.

After you have made your first deposit and saved the method, you will be able to make Quick Deposits – which is very useful if you are against the clock to place a bet. To do this, click the Quick Deposit button in the top right corner, which will open up a screen.

Enter your deposit amount, select the method – you can set a default if you have multiple deposit methods saved to your account – and click to Authorize Deposit. It is as simple as that to get money into your betting account.

There is a $5 fee for every PayPal deposit, with a minimum deposit of $10. You can link most cards to a PayPal account, and deposit onto that account to have a PayPal balance, or the money will come out of your banking-account connected to your PayPal account. PayPal funds are immediate, and an easy way to keep your deposit methods neat. It must be a US-based account, and personal not business.

TVG also accept the credit/debit card options of Visa and MasterCard, which cuts out the PayPal middleman. There is a daily deposit limit of $25,000 on credit and debit cards, and monthly of $100,000 – however these can be changed.

TVG Prepaid card is the easiest of the bunch if you are a regular TVG bettor. It is safe and secure, with online enrolment getting you instant access, betting within seconds. Manage your prepaid card at, and you can also use it everywhere Discover is accepted – including at cash withdrawals at ATMs nationwide.

For PayNearMe, you have to enter your zip code and select a 7-Eleven near you. Get your payslip to print, allowing you to take the barcode to 7-Eleven, where the cashier will load any amount (with a $3.99 fee). Or use your mobile, where you will get instructions sent to your phone.

This method is not the quickest, and is a bit long-winded, with funds being added to your account within 15 to 30 minutes of the completed deposit. TVG BetCash makes it all easy, and it is free of any fees! Funds are available immediately, making this a great method as it’s basically PayPal without the $5 fee.

The best and easiest of the deposit methods are TVG’s very own BetCash or Prepaid card. The card has the upside of being able to use everywhere that Discovery is, however, if you are only going to use TVG then BetCash is easy.

Withdrawal Method

Withdrawing is easy. To get there, select My Funds from the accounts dropbox, and pick Withdraw. Then enter the amount you want to withdraw, pick the bank to withdraw to, and click the button. You can also request a check withdrawal, however, this will take longer to process and deliver.

The withdrawal page tells you your balance, and how much is available to withdraw, so you know how much you definitely have. Pending withdrawals will show up, letting you easily keep track of what to expect. Withdrawals will be processed within five business days.

You can’t currently withdraw funds using PayPal, however, they are going to bring it in very soon so watch out for that feature – which will make everything easy.

How to withdraw the bonus

How to get TVG bonus – The Breeders’ Cup Bankroll – from your betting account to your bank account is impossible, as the terms and conditions state that the TVG bonus is not transferable, and may only be used for wagering on your TVG account.

This means you will have to wager the bonus money, and then you can make a withdrawal of any winnings that you earn. So you get up to $100 to play with, but not withdraw.

At least there are not any complications that require you to earn so much to be able to withdraw it, nor does it state that the bonus has to be used on certain odds. So you could play it smart and careful with this, or use the free money to try your luck with big odds – as you aren’t losing out either way. Check where it's legal to gamble with TVG.

Have an issue? Get in touch

You can contact TVG about any issue that you may have with the site, app or TVG bonus through these methods:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: 1-888-752-9884
  • Mail: 19545 N.W. Von Neumann Drive, Suite 210, Beaverton, OR 97006

Obviously, email and phone are quicker than mail. If your query isn’t about your personal account, but rather betting on TVG in general, you can also try tweeting their Twitter account: @TVG. Don’t give any of your account details as it is all online for anyone to view. But they are fast, with someone monitoring the Twitter account regularly.

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