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These are exciting times. Unibet – one of the most prestigious and popular sportsbook sites in Europe – is coming to the United States. Final details are yet to be confirmed but the new site for Unibet NJ will provide American customers with the same great odds and markets currently enjoyed on the other side of the Atlantic.

Thanks to recent legal victories this is a good time to be a sportsbetting fan in the US as Unibet is looking to become of the first operators to provide a secure sports betting experience over here, a well as to become one of the best betting sites in NJ.


How to register at Unibet?

The Unibet NJ site is yet to launch but it is likely that new customers will be able to register for a Unibet account in the same way as their European counterparts. By entering some personal and security information they will be able to register with Unibet and then discover all the odds and markets available.

The registration process can be completed easily and quickly and with Unibet odds – some of the most attractive in the industry – this is something that any sports betting fan in the US will want to be a part of.


This screenshot was taken from unibet.co.uk (this img will be updated once the US site will be available)

Unibet Welcome Offer: what can I get once I am registered?

Even better news for potential customer account holders is that the new Unibet NJ site is likely to offer some kind of incentive to sign up, like a promo code. The details of any promotions are still under wraps but this could mean 100% deposit matches, free bets or free spins in the Unibet online casino.

It may well be that there is some kind of Unibet promo code that will activate the welcome offer – so keep an eye out for that.

All will be revealed when the Unibet site goes live but one thing is for certain – online betting in NJ will never be the same.

Unibet Sportsbook: will it become one of the best betting sites in the USA?

One thing that will really appeal to American customers is the huge variety of betting markets that are likely to be available. NFL, NHL, NBA and MLB are all sure to be heavily represented but Unibet know that there is more to sports than these traditional American past times.

  • Soccer betting is a huge market in Europe and there are more than enough fans of ‘the other football’ to make this one of the best betting sites in NJ.
  • Tennis and golf are also hugely popular markets and with the sheer number of events around the world the new Unibet site should be able to suit just about anyone.

But the great thing about Unibet is that they cater for all sports fans so if you know more about your volleyball than football then you will be able to find the perfect betting market – and with expert tops and picks you could be on to a real winner.

Is there gonna be a Unibet Casino?

If new customers need a break from the thousands of sports betting markets, they could always take a look around the Unibet Casino section.

Unibet may have one of the most popular sportsbooks but they know that even the biggest sports fans have other interests – and whether it is blackjack, roulette or Unibet poker, there will be something for everyone.

If the new Unibet USA site follows the lead of it’s European counterpart there will also be Live Casino options for customers who want to get a real feel for the glamour and glitz with real interaction with live dealers.

Unibet Live Streaming

This screenshot was taken from unibet.co.uk (this img will be updated once the US site will be available)

Live betting and Streaming on Unibet USA

American customers will want to take advantage of the great live betting markets available at the new Unibet site. Prop bets are particularly popular and US sports fans should be able to bet across a variety of different markets when the games are live.

Having the chance to either double up on winning bets or consolidate your losses as the event happens is a hugely attractive feature of the current Unibet sites around the world and this should be available to American customers once the site launches.

But even better than being able to make in-play bets is the chance to watch the action as it happens. Unibet TV covers a whole host of sports and the schedule of what is available is easily found on the site. It is likely that customers will only need a positive balance on their account to gain access.

Is there gonna be a Unibet Mobile App?

One of the real growth areas in sports betting around the world in recent years has been the rise of downloadable mobile apps. Customers are able to access their accounts wherever they are and whenever they want – the app gives you so much more freedom to make your selections when it is a good time for you.

With a mobile app you will never miss the chance to place your bet. If US customers get the same service as in Europe the app will be available for iOS and Android devices and provide the same range of services as the desktop version of the account.

Unibet Mobile App

This screenshot was taken from unibet.co.uk (this img will be updated once the US site will be available)

Are there any Unibet Promotions available yet in the US?

As well as the potential Unibet bonus code welcome offer there are sure to be plenty more promotions on the new site.

  • covering free bets
  • price boosts
  • free spins in the Unibet Casino section

Unibet is also well known for its impressive amount of promotions to keep their existing customers happy, as well as to involve new ones with the dedicated Unibet welcome bonus, for instance.

Again, the exact nature of these promotions won’t be known until the official Unibet US site launches but they will be easily found and heavily promoted so customers will definitely not miss out.

Unibet Review: what to know about Unibet USA?

Unibet are one of the most respected online sports betting sites around the world and now customers in the US are going to be able to enjoy the experience. With an impressive selection of markets – with attractive odds – the new Unibet NJ version should prove just as popular.

With innovative betting features and new promotions being introduced all the time, Unibet is one online betting site that you can trust. Look out for any Unibet welcome offers that may come your way soon and get ready to bet on sports in a whole new way.

Unibet Review
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