Virgin Casino Bonus: $100 cashback and more

Virgin Casino is looking to reward its new players with a Virgin Casino bonus. They have done a nice job of making players want to join Virgin Casino with this strong bonus that gives players the chance to win big without risking any of their own money.

What are the available Virgin Casino bonuses?

Virgin Casino is currently offering new players a $100 cash back offer. The operator will reimburse the net losses of players through their first week of wagering on the site.

This is a win-win situation. Players can either make a profit by winning bets in their first week, or can be reimbursed for their losses. This makes it impossible for players to suffer a loss during this opening week at Virgin Casino.

Virgin Casino bonusPromotion detailsHow to get it?
Welcome Offer$100 cashback offer for new playersGet the Bonus!
Loyalty Points$25 FreeGet the Bonus!
Refer A FriendRefer a friend and get $50Get the Bonus!
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Virgin Casino Welcome Offer

Players at Virgin Casino have the opportunity to either win in the first seven days they wager on the site, or they are able to get their losses back. That is the makeup of Virgin Casino’s welcome offer. And it doesn’t come with annoying playthrough requirements like most sites require.

Virgin is a reputable casino, part of Atlantic City’s Tropicana Casino network. It’s no surprise that they are trying to provide their customers with the best experience.

How to get the welcome offer

To take advantage of this welcome offer, players simply need to sign up for an account at Virgin Casino, using the appropriate Virgin Casino promo code. From there, they need to make a deposit worth $10 or more, and make an initial wager.

From that initial wager, players have seven days to make bets during their promotional window. Once that seven day period is up, players’ net losses are tallied up. Then, players will receive reimbursement for those net losses up to $100.

welcome bonus Virgin Casino

Welcome package terms and conditions

When it comes to terms and conditions, this offer is only good for new players, who sign up using the correct Virgin Casino promo code when creating an account, and who make a deposit of $10 or more for their initial deposit.

  • Some clarification is in order here in the way of explaining what net losses are for the terms of this promotion. Net losses are the number generated when you take the amount wagered by a player and subtract the amount of winnings that player has taken in as a result of those wagers.
  • Let’s say a player has wagered $50 during their promotional period, and took in $30 of winnings. They would have net losses of $20, which would the amount they would get back.
  • There is no playthrough requirement for this bonus. Funds can be withdrawn as soon as they are credited to a player’s account.
  • The only caveat is that a player must withdraw at least $10 when they pull their funds out of Virgin Casino. Yet that is hardly an issue and is extremely friendly compared to the bonus withdrawal terms and conditions of so many other online casinos.
  • Know that you’re allowed to use this welcome bonus on the Virgin Casino app as well. Whether you’re on a desktop or on mobile doesn’t change anything.

Virgin Casino Loyalty Points

Virgin Casino players can also take advantage of a loyalty program, giving them chances to rack up rewards as they play Virgin Casino games. These points, known as V Points, are earned by wagering within the slots and casino sections of Virgin Casino.

For every $40 spent on slots or $100 spent on other casino games, players receive one V Point. Once a player crosses the 20 V Point threshold, they are eligible to receive casino credits.

How to participate in V Points scheme

To participate in V Points, simply spend money within Virgin Casino at the levels described above.

V points Virgin Casino

V Points terms and conditions

It is vital to point out that players must continue racking up V Points in order to keep their existing V Points. If a player goes more than 90 days without earning a V Point, all of their V Points expire, erasing all of the work they did to build them up in the first place.

To ensure this doesn’t happen, players should make sure to make a series of qualifying wagers every three months at the latest.

Virgin Casino Refer A Friend

Another way for players at Virgin Casino to rack up some cash is to refer their friends to the site. Players can earn $50 for every friend that they refer to Virgin Casino, with that friend earning a $10 bonus of their own.

Just like the welcome bonus in which players can either make a profit or get their money back, this is another win-win situation. Both the person who referred a player and the player who was referred both receive money. Our review gives Virgin Casino top marks.

How to claim refer a friend program benefits

To claim benefits from the refer a friend program, players need to make sure that their friends sign up while entering the username or email address of the friend who referred them into the referral box during the registration process.

Failure to do this will make it so that the player who was referred does not receive their $10 bonus. Likewise, the person who did the referring will not receive their $50. That is a potential $60 loss between two people if they do not follow this important step.

refer a friend Virgin Casino

Refer a friend program terms and conditions

The funds generated by the refer a friend program are subject to a one-time playthrough requirement before they can be withdrawn. This is great for the person doing the referring, as they have a chance to keep most of, if not all, of the $50 they generated.

Virgin Casino Customer Service

Virgin Casino has a strong customer service game, with three main ways to get in touch with their team. Players can contact Virgin Casino by phone or by email. However, the best way is to contact Virgin Casino via its live chat service.

This live chat function is available for players 24 hours per day, perfect for the late-night player or someone who doesn’t follow a traditional schedule.

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